Vaucluse (France)

Vaucluse department (PACA Region, southern France): This study area represents an example of Mediterranean landscapes undergoing polarization of land use, with intensification focusing on the most profitable areas and cultures, and abandonment of the less productive systems. Ongoing intensification of the agricultural system leads to conflicts in terms of ecosystem services provision, such as water supply and biodiversity. In particular, the Vaucluse department is characterized by a specialized agriculture mainly dedicated to viticulture. Vineyards occupy around 60% of the utilized agricultural area of the department, and recently increases in terms of surface and further specialization of the cultivation are observed (including AOP labelled production). Beyond this, Vaucluse is also characterized by its vegetable and fruit production (respectively 12% and 30% of the total agricultural business turnover). Most of these agricultural systems are organized in farm associations and/or cooperatives, in addition to the labelling organization particularly related to wine production.