Expected Results

  • An analytical framework that delineates land use systems and allows determining feasible future states of sustainable intensification for the different land use systems.
  • A translation of generic goals of sustainable intensification (innovation) into corresponding assessment tools and indicators.
  • Identification and description of archetypical pathways towards sustainable intensification.
  • Priority maps of potentials for upscaling of transitions to SI across Europe, including optimal allocations and quantification of impacts outside Europe.
  • Insights into drivers, motivations and pathways from a farm-level perspective as well as in the role of social networks of transition, including the roles and interconnectedness of actors and stakeholders.
  • A continued process of interaction and co-creation of SI pathways and innovation with relevant stakeholders on the potentials, triggers and constraints of SI transitions to operationalize the analytic framework into practice.
  • Recommendations and policy briefs addressing different demands and levels of stakeholders.