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The department of Environmental Geography at VU Amsterdam develops innovative methods to support policy and planning by spatial analysis, simulation models and scenario studies across multiple scales. The department conducts research in local case studies, at the regional and national level, as well as at the global level. This multi-scale approach enables the local findings to be evaluated in a global context, while global models are confronted with the reality in local studies across the world. Explicit attention is given to feedback mechanisms and the emergence of spatial patterns as a result of interacting human-environment processes.

Meet the team:

peter_verburgProf. Dr. Peter Verburg, email: peter.verburg@vu.nl

Prof. Dr. Peter Verburg is head of the Department of Environmental Geography at VU Amsterdam and has a strong expertise in the spatial analysis of landscapes, land use change, and ecosystem services at scales ranging from local case studies to global scale assessments.


nynke_schulpDr. Ir. Nynke Schulp, email: nynke.schulp@vu.nl

Dr. Ir. Nynke Schulp is a senior researcher at the Department of Environmental Geography. Her work focuses on the relationship between biodiversity, ecosystem service provision and benefits of ecosystem services, typically applying a mapping and/or modelling approach.


 Anna Liza Bais-Moleman, MSc, email: annaliza.bais-moleman@vu.nl

Anna Liza Bais-Moleman is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Environmental Geography. Her previous research experience focuses on profitability analysis (cost-benefit analysis), life cycle assessment (LCA), material- and energy flow accounting (MEFA), Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production (HANPP), GHG emissions reduction, resource use efficiency, integrated analysis of sustainability aspects of biomass use and bioenergy systems at the EU and global scales.


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